The Bishop

The Coat of Arms of His Lordship Bishop Harold Anthony Perera “Caritas Est Vinculum Pacis"

The total crest is coloured in Rouge (Red background) symbolizing the total sacrificial llove of Christ, which St.Paul says in Ephisians 3:18 is the breath and the height and the length and the depth of charity of Christ which surpasses all knowledge.

The dove in the center symbolizes the Holy Spirit, which is illustrated according to indigenous art bearing the olive branch symbolizing the peace needed within us and in our motherland.

The two Lily flowers; first to symbolize St.Joseph on whose staff are found the lily there by signifying the patron of the Bishop’s birthplace Pamunugama and in whom the Bishop has filial devotion inculcated by his mother and the second is to symbolize St.Anthony of Padua, the patron saint of the Bishop to whom he confides all his wants and needs.

The three gems symbolize the triple functions to be exercised in the diocese as Priest, Prophet and Shepherd in feeding the flock entrusted to his care.

His staff, the crozier bears the form of the cross, which is the earliest extant, sign of Christianity in Sri Lanka, signifying a bishop’s solicitude for all the churches.