Help us to create their futures

The Catholic diocese of Kurunegala in Sri Lanka runs two orphan- children homes for girls and boys. Currently, the two homes have 60 children from 8 years to 18 years of age. Apart from that we also assist the children’s houses including differently abled children in the diocese. The diocese is committed to providing the physical, psychological wellbeing as well as primary and secondary education to the children. The two homes were started in 1986 with the goal of providing care, support and protection to children who have lost their parents due to death of both parents, absence of love and security in families, family disputes, re-marriage of deserted/widowed/divorced women, etc. Thanks to donations received locally as well as internationally, the diocese constructed two separate homes with adequate facilities for girls and boys. Children attend public schools in the area for their primary and secondary education. In addition to academic opportunities, the two homes have access to indoor and outdoor recreational facilities along with training in craft and hobbies. The two homes provide safe, happy and loving environment to the children. They have shown vast improvement in studies and some even have achieved advanced academic standards compared with children in their grades. The diocese takes care of all the needs of the children such as food, clothing, education and health. With your generous support we envisage to create their futures and shape their lives.